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General Terms & Conditions

Danoli Solutions now trades as SOLAR IT.


No Fix, No Fee

During a callout or whilst in our workshop, the engineer will investigate the problems you are encountering and may require up to 1 full hour to investigate and diagnose the problems. Once the problem has been identified and is deemed repairable by our engineer either at the time of the visit or at a later date, the fault is considered to be Fixable, i.e. you may choose to have us complete the repair(s). Should you choose not to have the problem repaired by us then you will be charged at the standard hourly rate for the full duration of the visit (minimum of 1 hour onsite or 30 minutes in our workshop). If you choose for us to complete the repair, then there will be no additional diagnostics fee. Repairs that are able to be fixed within the first 1 hour of diagnosis will be completed without the need for agreeance to the fix (except where additional parts are required) and charged at the hourly rate. Should the actual diagnosis repair the fault then you will be charged for the duration of the visit which includes the fix. No Fix No Fee is not available to business users without prior agreement. This service is a free value added service and any attempted abuse of this service will render it void for the visit in question and future visits to the same address or any persons associated with the same customer or address.

Maximum charges

Depending on the nature of the problem, we are able to offer a maximum charge of two hours labour on many faults. This is at the discretion of the engineer and only applies to single incidents and not multiple disassociated faults on the same visit unless agreed by the engineer. Maximum charge incidents are usually because of time consuming operations requiring little attention by the engineer for prolonged periods of time (i.e. virus/spyware scanning and disk formatting), so at the discretion of the engineer, to qualify for a maximum hourly rate fix the machine may need to be taken to our workshop (free collection and return*).

Callout fees

We do not charge a callout fee for our home or business visits (unless agreed prior to the visit). All visits are charged at the hourly rate. The reason for occasional callout fees is to cover eventualities such as (but not limited too): excess travel, emergency callout, out of hours callout, fault diagnosis only, problem resolved before arrival, unanswered visits, etc. All onsite charges will be agreed at the time of appointment, with the exception of unanswered visits, which will be invoiced for one hour at our current hourly rate. If you are unable to keep your appointment please contact us to cancel/reschedule it. We may make exceptions for emergencies at the discretion of Danoli Solutions.

Free callout does not mean the visit is free or any time spent onsite is free. Other callout services (such as BT)charge a callout fee + an hourly rate, we only charge for the time onsite.


Most of our work is charged hourly in increments of 30 minutes after the first hour. To ensure costs are not escalated by severe, time consuming or other unknown issues, we may operate a maximum charge for a visit (see ‘Maximum Charges’ section). Should you require a quotation rather than hourly rate charges, please contact us for details.


Unless otherwise stated, all parts supplied by Danoli Solutions carry a warranty. New items include a 1 – 3 yr warranty, used or refurbished items carry a 30 day warranty (unless specified otherwise). Software repairs (mostly virus and spyware/malware/scareware removal) do not carry a formal warranty as it is impossible to 100% guarantee against future virus attacks however any noted issues must be reported to us within 7 days otherwise, additional repairs will be charged at the full rate. It is important that you check your machine after a repaired infection, as other software applications may require re-installation. Please contact us for more specific information on warranties. All warranty repairs are strictly RTB (return to base) i.e. the customer is responsible for returning the machine or peripheral to us and collecting it after repair, we can collect the item but this may incur a collection and/or delivery charge. All console repairs carry a 3 month warranty unless otherwise stated.


We have a 7 day returns policy on goods (not services) as long as items are returned in their original unopened packaging and condition along with a receipt of sale. Software is not refundable where the license number is exposed at the time of sale. Ink cartridges are refundable if returned unopened. Faulty Ink cartridges can be exchanged only after testing by the manufacturer. We are unable to offer a refund on special order items.

Cancelled Orders

Unless otherwise agreed, any cancellation of specially ordered item(s) or service(s) within 5 working days of the expected installation/delivery date, will incur a minimum of a 1 hour administration fee plus £50 (or full component cost whichever is the lower) to cover restocking and shipping fees of specially ordered items.

Late Payment

Unless otherwise agreed, late payments are subject to a £60 +VAT administration fee + 20% of outstanding balance.

Workshop Collections

Unless otherwise agreed, items left with us for any type of work must be collected with 5 working days of notification otherwise late payment charges may be applied and may not be covered by our site insurance policy. Failure to collect an item after a 3 month period (this may be less if the item is a non-economical repair and essentially deemed scrap) may result in the disposal of the items left.

Storage of non-collected items

All items that are not collected within 5 working days of notification will be subjected to a storage charge.

It is extremely important for you to note the following conditions:

Items left in our care are only covered by our insurance against loss & damage for up to 30 days after they are made available for collection. We will contact you by the telephone number you provided at booking. If you do not return the call or collect your items, we will still make attempts to contact you however we do reserve the right to charge for storage and administration fees should you fail to collect. It is important that you understand that it is ultimately your responsibility to contact us to check availability for device collection. While we strive to contact you, this is a free service and cannot be guaranteed.

After 30 days elapses, your items will remain in our care, however, they will not be covered by our business insurance.

Storage fees are £5 per device per week (or part thereof) for the first 30 days. After 30 days, storage will be charged at the reduced £3 per week. (This cost covers storage only and we take no responsibility for insurance)

Administration fees will be charged at £5 per communication (telephone call, text message, email message) in an attempt have the items collected.

Items will not be released for collection without full and final payment of any outstanding balances.

Website Hosting

Our basic packages do not have a service level agreement, this means we cannot ensure the uptime or reliability of the servers hosting the sites. We do strive to ensure that all our sites hosted on hosting packages maintain a high level of uptime and we will migrate hosts should the service degrade. Our hosting is suitable for business critical as well as non business critical sites such as personal websites or small businesses requiring a web presence. Please contact us for more details. We offer no warranties outside the scope offered by our suppliers unless otherwise specified. Non payment or late payment of website services may result in the account being suspended, to ensure this does happen please ensure that payment requests are made in good time. Expired or suspended accounts will be subject to our standard charges to perform migration or transfers unless otherwise agreed. By using our services you are agreeing to these terms.

Website Design

Ownership of websites designed by Danoli Solutions passes to the customer on full and final payment, however, design rights remain with Danoli Solutions unless otherwise agreed. Any changes to the site must be approved by us in writing before such changes are made and all sites must retain the “designed & Hosted by Danoli Solutions” links which may only be removed with written permission from Danoli Solutions. Any breech of the above may result in termination any agreed contracts and/or closure of the website. All websites created and hosted by Danoli Solutions will incorporate some Google advertising by default; this can be removed and must be requested in writing. Domain names are billed annually to customers. If renewals are not paid, then domains will not be renewed and may be lost. If Danoli Solutions registers domains for terms longer than 12 months, ownership of the domain will pass to Danoli Solutions if renewals are not met.

Domain Names

Domain names that we manage will be registered in the name of Danoli Solutions. We disallow hosting of domains not managed by us. Domains will remain the property of the customer (you) on receipt of payment of domain registration, management and hosting fees. Any default on payment may result in the domain name being released back into the public domain or, where the domain has been paid for in advance by Danoli Solutions, the ownership will be transferred to Danoli Solutions. A release fee may then be applied. Transferring your domain away is free. This can be done only on full account settlement. The transfer will be done via the transfer of the domain via the IPS TAG to your own account with our registrar at your direction. After a TAG change, you will no longer be able to host with us without written consent. Hosting accounts will be suspended at midnight on the day of the TAG change.


For our telecom terms and conditions, please visit

Appointment times

We always attempt to give a precise time for an appointment where possible. We know how frustrating it is to be given a slot between 8am and 6pm. Sometimes, our slots overrun due to unforeseen circumstances, as it is impossible to predict how long a repair will actually take. In cases where our engineers are running late, your assigned engineer or the workshop manager will contact you at your earliest convenience to keep you informed. If you have a strict schedule, please let us know in advance, and we will always try and accommodate.

Free telephone support

Free Technical support is available via telephone or email on a limited basis. Paying customers and other business requirements are given priority over free technical support. Free technical support via telephone will be limited to a ‘reasonable’ length of time on the stated number only (see contact details) during the listed hours and no call back is available. We aim to reply to Free technical support via email within 24 hours. We can not give any technical support while driving, while with another customer or any other unsuitable time.

Discount Vouchers

We have numerous discount schemes. These allow us to monitor marketing effectiveness while at the same time rewarding our customers. We reserve the right to refuse a discount. Discount applies to labour charges only. Discount does not apply to any hardware software or license. Please inform us at the time of booking if you wish to redeem a discount voucher. Vouchers can only be used in the delivery area. Vouchers can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. We encourage you to pass on discount vouchers to friends or family if you do not use them yourself.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. No responsibility will be accepted for lost, stolen, or damaged Gift Vouchers and such vouchers shall not be refunded. To deface a voucher will render it invalid. Unless otherwise stated, all work will be carried out in our workshop. Gift vouchers cannot be used as part payment, gift vouchers have no cash value.

CRB Disclosure

All of our staff are checked ‘annually’ against the CRB for an enhanced disclosure to work with vulnerable children and adults. Only our full time staff and staff that will have un-assisted access to work within Schools or with other vulnerable children and adults or machines belonging to customers will require our mandatory CRB enhanced disclosure. If you require no access to non CRB checked employees, please inform any member of staff.

Price Match

We will always try and match any ‘like for like’ quotation of other local computer businesses. We are not prepared to match pricing against non-registered businesses, part time engineers or work from home technicians.


Monday-Friday: 9AM – 5PM

Saturdays: 9AM – 1PM


SOLAR IT, VAT Registration Number: 435728478